Lockdown Life

Lockdown Life @ Four & Twenty

The “New Norm”

COVID-19 has thrown us all a curve-ball and forced us to re-invent the way in which we do things on a daily basis – be it at work or at home.

At FOUR & TWENTY we have had to adapt to the “new norm” and figure out a way in which to continue serving our existing customers in a way that meets their expectations as well as continues to feed our own passion for providing high quality foods that are competitively priced and most of importantly – delicious. Our number one priority however, through all the chaos and ever-changing situation that we find ourselves in, has been the financial security and overall well-being of our ever-committed staff.

What to expect

In our totally re-invented and expanded delicatessen setup, our beloved shoppers can expect to find fresh fruit and vegetables, freshly baked breads, croissants and a pastry counter adorned with home baked cakes, pastries and savoury treats, fresh dairy and meat products, speciality ready made meals to quickly heat up in the comfort of your own home, pantry fillers, grocery staples and many other delicious ingredients that one wouldn’t normally be able to find here in Chelsea Village.

Sit down dining & functions

We’re still open for dining, but guests are asked to be aware of current regulations which limit us to the number of guests we can accommodate as well as the expectation that all guests are to behave in a manner that is socially responsible in regards to other guests.

For functions, we are also still available and more than happy to host you – but once again, please bare in mind that limitations will apply, and therefore we ask all orginizers of functions to please email us in advance at: info@fourandtwentycafe.co.za.

The New Four & Twenty

With this in mind, we welcome you to our new setup which ticks all 3 of the afore-mentioned boxes… 


With limited options for sit-down dining but an ever-present yearning for good food, we have decided to couple our in-house dining options with the transformation of our premises into a fresh meat and produce deli, providing high-end ingredients and ready-made food options for our customers to take-away and enjoy in the comfort of their own homes.