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pick drawn eifel-largeFour and Twenty Cafe is the manifestation of a dream born at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, over a box of Parisian macaroons. In the middle of a whirlwind gastronomic journey through France that cemented a timeless friendship between two soulmates, Marijke Duminy and Tracy-Leigh Genricks. “Our unwavering common purpose was crystallised: to turn our Bordeaux-midnight wishes and Lyon-sidewalk hopes, into a reality!”

We have both chosen the food industry because of the personal and professional fulfilment it brings us and we feel honoured to play a part in the development and appreciation of the most exciting field in the world. Our business goals are all grounded in a desire to pay our respects to the authenticity of technique as well as to innovate and create, using flavours, colours and smells. As two classically trained Grande Diploma Cordon Bleus chefs, we are committed to and passionate about producing a product that is traditional but unconventional and creating an environment that fosters the adoration of good food and the people who appreciate it.

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Four and Twenty is both a Cafe and a Pantry: we serve classic breakfasts (and a few not-so-classic for fun)! The cafe is complemented by a Pantry with local produce, home-made deli items, artisanal pantry-fillers, fresh daily pastries and hand-crafted confectionary. A part of what we believe makes food truly decadent and special, is when one gets a sense that a lot of time and love was poured into it and this has become a part of our mission statement. We are dedicated to seasonality, sticking to local produce and combining only the freshest, most sustainable ingredients into something that is both gorgeous to look at and mystically delicious to eat. We want every single bite in our shop to be a declaration of our love for good, wholesome, skilful and truly delectable food.